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Move away or get closer to other players

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I propose the implementation of a simple icon next to the distances to which each player is found in the tabulator.


When there are many players in my area, it is difficult to see who is approaching and who is moving away, as you should see for a few seconds if the distance increases or decreases and a green icon could indicate if the player is approaching. and with a red if the player moves away or vice versa, as appropriate without distracting me as a driver since it is easier to see colors than numbers.


This is useful when we want to pass another driver and see the tabulator to know if there are drivers coming from the front.


image.png.f0ca83b862315ae46b48a1c6656a570a.pngThis is an example


Mark as useful if you support this proposal.

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Driver's attention should be on the road and the surroundings, not on the player's list or anything like that. If you are not sure if it's safe to overtake, don't try and wait until you are. -1 from me, it would only make the mod to use more resources and players with low-end machines might suffer from something like this.

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