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Introducing Forza Tracker
Competition is pretty tough nowadays. With all these amazing VTCs offering different stuff, it’s hard to standout. Finally we have our own technology. Forza Tracker is a pretty simple software that allows you to log your jobs and get promoted to the next rank without having to use any other software ( VTLog or Trucksbook ). The app is very new which makes it very buggy as well but as time passes we will add some more amazing features we have in mind. It’s a pretty fancy looking as well as user friendly software.


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I usually don't do this (/or I just don't post it online), anyway I'm on a "promo spree" today so did I spruce up a promo image around Euro Truck 2 convoys, in "FTC style":




"Thanksies" to AtlasTheHusky over on Discord for the picture.

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