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ATS Additional Skoda Trailers

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Suggestion Name: Additional Trailers for Skodas
Suggestion Description: When 1.32 came out for ATS, 4 additional AI trailers were added to give diversity to small car traffic. Caravan, utility trailer with boat, utility trailer with buggy, and fifth wheel hauler. Both the utility trailers share a similar size and weight to the caravan which was already added for MP usage so players who drive the Skoda have something to do. For people who know how to save edit, swapping out the caravan with a utility trailer is very easy and should NOT be a bannable offense to use them.

Any Example Images: Yes
Why should it be added? There's literally nothing wrong with these trailers. They function perfectly fine as they have their owned defined collision models and since they are not larger than the caravans, do not extend any hit boxes and perfectly comply with TMP rules and regulations as long as an exception is made to rule §2.8 to include these 2 additional trailers. Add some variety, allow players who know how to save edit use them!


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