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Specian Transport + Double in Calais, Duisburg? New Rules



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Support for American Truck Simulator v.  1.32.3s [849fce20714f]

Support for Euro Truck Simulator v. [f1851bcb0a48]

Support for Krone DLC (replacement models are loaded in case of lack of DLC package)

Reworked Scout car


<<<<<<*****Double trailers are now allowed in entire europe, except middle europe (Calais - Hannover - Liege - Hamburg)****>>>>>


Support for all the paint job DLCs released to this day

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As said for your title yes, there are new rules with the double trailers. 



You cannot drive then in cities such as:

- Calias 

- Duisburg 

- Amsterdam 

- C-D road 


There might be other cities listed but I'm sure that information will be provided in the rule section on TruckersMP.com 




☆Arctic Wolf☆

Stay happy and safe

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Hello, good day.

Thank you for asking your question here on the TruckersMP Forums.

Since our community is so polite, they have given you ample replies within just 24 hours. Now, we do really hope that one of the answers that you find above this one will help you. Since you have chosen the best answer, we must assume that you are satisfied with your replies and that you no longer need this topic. That being said, I must take a few actions on your topic and to know exactly what I am doing to your topic, please read my reply fully as it contains the actions I am taking closer to the bottom of my reply.

Please keep in consideration that I remain at the disposition of the entire community if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me directly on the forums over the Private Message function and I will try my best to help you out. However, it can take some time for a reply if I am not online. Thank you for your comprehension.


//Locked and moved to Solved.


Thank you for your time to all of those who have replied to this thread and helped our user!

Kindest Regards,

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