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When charging in Rome freeze and then NO more gaming possible


After accepting an order with the Krone Dry Liner in Rome and driving with this trailer for loading there was a freeze and I can not cancel neither the delivery nor the order (re-freeze in the main menu) or do anything on the spot.

After another spawn or re-login, I have no way out of the current job (transport Pasta to Bern) and I can not continue to play in the MP. I also tried changing to the SP, but after a quick trip to the previous location I failed in the MP. So there was a freeze, too. An incidentally previous driven delivery from Palermo to Rome went without problems (with the Profi Liner) -> before the server-restart.

Is this the job? Or maybe in this place in Rome (trigger point is broken)? Or is it perhaps due to the Krone Dry Liner that makes playing impossible here? So in the current situation, I can not play unfortunately currently :(: /

The problem also occurred after the hotfix or the server restart.

I would be glad to receive your feedback. And sorry for my bad english - I am German.

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Hello, Bonjour,

First of all, welcome to the forums! I hope we can solve your problem very quickly.

As the community has said, we are lacking precision in your description of your problem. As much as we would love to help you, more information is vital to us. Please be quick and give us more information so that you can solve your problem and start playing again with no issues.

It is important to notice that if you leave this topic too long without adding the information we need, this topic will become inactive and with that being said, we will have no choice then to lock it and move it with the other inactive topics. Of course, we hope we will not need to do this.

Can't wait to hear from you!


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Try these

1. Locate and Secure your Profiles, Copy them to a seperate Folder.



2. Then de-install ATS/ETS2 via Steam and de- install TruckersMP.

3. Restart your PC.

4. Then start searching for all old Folders of TruckersMP and ATS/ETS2 and Delete them. A RegCleaner Software will be helpfull. Sometimes there are "Dumb" Folders/Paths to ATS/ETS2, that were created by the TruckersMP Launcher. 




5. When u deleted all Folders, Restart ur PC Again.

6. Log In to Steam-->Rightclick on Steam--->Settings-->Download-->Steam Library Folders-->Add Library Folder---->Choose another Partition or Hdd and mark it as Default Library. 



7. After that Procedure, Re- Install ATS/ETS2 via Steam into the new Library, make sure you installing this Version.

ATS: http://prntscr.com/f85fz


important: Check TruckersMP for the actual Versions of the Game, they can be different!!

8. Start the Game in Single Player and check the Version. Create a new Profile, but do not Drive. Close the Game.

9. Search with Windows File Explorer the Path to the ETS/ATS Installation. Keep this Path in Mind.

After that, download the actual Version of TruckersMP, unpack it to a seperate Folder. Install it from this Folder as Administrator.

Make sure that you having the right Path to the Games when you Installing TruckersMP.

You have to check them manually, do not let the Launcher Auto searching for them.

10. After the Installation start the Launcher as Administrator and let him finishing his Downloads. Then start the Multiplayer. If you can Play, close the Game and insert your old Game Pofiles.


you can read this topic to solve your problem




if this still cannot solve your problem ,you can create a support ticket here



Best Regards

Soul Knight:)

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Good evening to you.


As I posted above, welcome to the forums.


In my post above, I have asked you to inform us Supporters if your problem has been solved or not and sadly, you have failed to do so. That being said, this topic has become inactive and useless in the Help Section. To conclude, we must proceed with closing this topic and also moving it to the correct location on the forums. Please keep in mind that now your topic is locked and that you will no longer be able to reply to it.


Us closing this topic does not prohibit you from creating topics here in the Help Section in the near future. Should you need further help, please do exactly that and create a new topic or simply contact the Support Team over the Support System and we will be pleased to help you.


However, since I will be taking the actions found below on your topic, it is very possible that you have some questions or concerns today. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly on the forums through the Private Message function and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


//Locked and moved to inactive.


Kindest Regards,

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