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Game crashes/ freezes



My game freezes, after completing a job, and when I uses quick travel to another garage.

Only way to close the game is by login out of my computer.

I have never used any mods, so that is not the problem.

I have tried to verify the game files in steam.

Truckers MP is a new install on a new install of Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

Any suggestions are welcome 

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Dear @aalb75,


You must remove both the game and TruckersMP Launcher and reinstall it. I think this will be the most robust solution.


1) Remove TruckersMP Launcher.
2) Remove ETS2.
3) Setup ETS2.
4) Setup TruckersMP Launcher.

Maybe this way your problem will be solved.




🇺🇸 Kind regards / 🇹🇷 Saygılar,


TruckersMP | Report Moderator

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22 minutes ago, LUIG said:

If you use Telemetry, try deleting and double-check!

This problem is only in Truckersmp?
or does it happen in Single player too?

I dont use Telemetry so that can not be the cause.

I have just testet in single player, no problems there, is can quick travel to any garage whit out any problem




Thanks for your suggestion,  but if the cause of my problem, is corrupt game files, wouldn't I also have the problem in singleplayer?

My single player runs whit out any problems.

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Try these

1. Locate and Secure your Profiles, Copy them to a seperate Folder.



2. Then de-install ATS/ETS2 via Steam and de- install TruckersMP.

3. Restart your PC.

4. Then start searching for all old Folders of TruckersMP and ATS/ETS2 and Delete them. A RegCleaner Software will be helpfull. Sometimes there are "Dumb" Folders/Paths to ATS/ETS2, that were created by the TruckersMP Launcher. 




5. When u deleted all Folders, Restart ur PC Again.

6. Log In to Steam-->Rightclick on Steam--->Settings-->Download-->Steam Library Folders-->Add Library Folder---->Choose another Partition or Hdd and mark it as Default Library. 



7. After that Procedure, Re- Install ATS/ETS2 via Steam into the new Library, make sure you installing this Version.

ATS: http://prntscr.com/f85fz


important: Check TruckersMP for the actual Versions of the Game, they can be different!!

8. Start the Game in Single Player and check the Version. Create a new Profile, but do not Drive. Close the Game.

9. Search with Windows File Explorer the Path to the ETS/ATS Installation. Keep this Path in Mind.

After that, download the actual Version of TruckersMP, unpack it to a seperate Folder. Install it from this Folder as Administrator.

Make sure that you having the right Path to the Games when you Installing TruckersMP.

You have to check them manually, do not let the Launcher Auto searching for them.

10. After the Installation start the Launcher as Administrator and let him finishing his Downloads. Then start the Multiplayer. If you can Play, close the Game and insert your old Game Pofiles.



you can read this topic to solve your problem



Best Regards

Soul Knight:)

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