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[GAME] Chat box needs better formatting

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Suggestion Name: Better chat box

Suggestion Description: Improved chat box that does not darken 40% of the entire screen when typing, it's size being adjustable and having a nice aesthetically pleasing border while also sporting a scroll bar. Give the option of it being transparent when not hovered over with the mouse and such.

Any example images: 300px-HUD_chatbox_open.png

Why should it be added?: The current chat box is quite an eyesore, especially because when you activate it it covers 40% of your screen. This is especially frustrating when you are recording and it disrupts the image or covers crucial evidence when reporting people. It should be shrinked down, there is absolutely no need for it to be this wide as it has a character limit anyways. It being able to be adjusted like any other window on your desktop adds the bonus of it being flexible throughout multiple screen sizes and resolutions as well as adding a little bit of personalization. I noticed a lack of a scroll bar, so adding it will make it easier to view older messages.

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