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Hey, recently I've been playing a lot on Europe 2. I spotted some rammers and reckless drivers yesterday, I have them on video and I don't know how to report them.


I don't know if this is appropriate but, here are the video and the time stamps.

Also for future reports, how can I report with a video?


Time Stamps:

0:00 to 0:35 -- alexloban (ID:2008000)

0:40 to 0:55 -- Ivan Kukutsapo)) (ID:2279590)

                         Szyymeqq (ID:1661143)

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10 minutes ago, Trucking Turkey said:

From this topic, you can learn how to use the report system.However, I do not think Szymeq (id:1661143) will be banned.alexloban (id :2008000)
and (Ivan Kukutsapo)) (id:2279590) will be ban.(these are all my personal views.








Well, Szymeq abandoned their trailer on the highway.

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20 minutes ago, TheFatDrummer said:

I've read those but I can't find the correct platform to report. I uploaded the video on youtube but I need to report multiple users at once.


Do I just have to create 3 different reports on the site and link the video to each one of them?

Hello again @TheFatDrummer,


Yes you would have to make a separate report for every player reported. And I believe that linking the video and giving a time stamp on all 3 (if they are in the same video) shouldn't be a problem. 


Hope this helps. 


Kind Regards, 


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