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Players card!

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Suggestion Name: 

Players Card


Suggestion Description:

a change with the command /pinfo!... "/Pinfo" would display the players card!

This playercard shows different informations about the player :

- the used vehicle and the trailer
- Their Name
- Their VTC (if they have one)
- Rank
- A Forum Badge (reserved to forumers)
- Achievements
- TruckersMP ID

- ActivatedLinked games: 

Regarding the badges :

- The Forum badge would be given when you register on the forums.

- The rank of the staff is given when you register as a staff member.


Any example images: 


Explain Video: 



it does not necessarily have to be that Command, I leave the choice for the developers .



Why should it be added?:

Get to know each other better, meet each other and quickly make friends with some information, Cool the player also has ats!





you want to report somebody...
to be sure that it was him, you can see it through the photo of the vehicle.


-Hinter :D



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The suggestion, in my opinion, It's fine but in turn, I do not think so, but I find many unnecessary data


   - Their VTC (if they have one)
   - Rank

  - ActivatedLinked games: 


   >About what VTC belongs to... Well, it could be useful, but maybe it would be a thing of going crazy. Besides, maybe this should be in your Truckers Profile first.

   > About the Rank, I think it will only serve in very specific situations, things that maybe happen 1 in 1000 times, or more. All in all, a user with a rank higher than "member" or "user" continues to be (least that's what I think)

   > I think it is totally unnecessary about Activated and Linked Games.

 and about this, I'm a bit in "doubt"

   > "A Forum Badge (reserved to forumers)" - Maybe I would change this, by the date on which it was registered


Something that maybe could be implemented,

 if this system is put, I think it would be good to be able to see the number of sanctions/punishments that the driver has,

  in case the profile of the truck driver will be private, only members of the Staff can see it.


What if, not this at all agree with that, this is changed by the function that completes the "/ Pinfo", many people only use it to register the TruckersMP ID or similar, and maybe it is annoying or complicated that a window appears on your screen.

And if you want to talk to that driver or know her, I think you can talk to her without all this information, maybe I'm wrong :mellow:


Maybe I forgot something, but I like the idea/suggestion about in parts.


3 hours ago, [ÖZ DOSTLAR] ONAT-23 said:

However, it should also have kind of a "save" button that saves this info to a text file so that I can look at it when I log out from the game. 

I think it would be necessary, you could take an SC or some similar thing.


Regards ^_^

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VTC is just an extra, it is not meant to report someone but it is useful to report someone with a players card,.

A players card is nice to have it is a kind of profile of someone in-game.


I also want to add this to the player card.
how old you are in-game
For example
You play the game for 1 year then you are 365 days old.


So we can see that it is a new or old player.




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