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YouTube channel "Негабаритный Канал" present:



Hello! September 29, in honor of my birthday - I invite everyone to the event "Scandinavian RP" (RP Scandinavia)




This is not a convoy, there is no point of start and finish!
Everyone chooses his RP legend and rides as he sees fit.


Any communication on channel 15 (CB) is welcome! All drivers in the holding area speak the same language and are willing to communicate!

You can be an convoy with friends, or one. Stop in the parking lot, or move. B)


VTC invite you to conduct your convoys at this time, in the event zone. The chance to travel among Russian-speaking players,
in one big RP - it's extremely rare!;)

On this safely organize your convoys on September 29 from 17 to 19 hours, in the designated zone and participate with us!


:check:Participation does not give any advantages and priorities, strictly adhere to traffic rules.


  • Random events from the organizers will be :)




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I think it will be very interesting. Real Operations are very rare and it could somehow diversify the usual delivery of goods. When everyone has their own role it is very interesting. So would I like to see Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer 

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