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[SCS Blog] Baltic Landmarks

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Today, we are bringing you a sampling of various landmarks and recognizable places from the upcoming ETS2 Beyond the Baltic Sea map expansion. Unique landmark models always add a lot to the authenticity and immersion of the experience. They make the locals super happy that it was "their" place that got some love from the developers, they are a proof that we try really hard to capture the spirit of the region.

001.jpg 002.jpg
003.jpg 004.jpg
It is not easy to decide on the list of landmarks; of out maybe tens of thousands of potentially recognizable locations along the planned routes, we have the list pruned to a couple of hundred during the research stage, and then down to a manageable level as the final locations are decided upon. Each such model represents day or sometimes weeks of work, so we need to use them carefully to spice up the game world without overloading the art team.

005.jpg 006.jpg
007.jpg 008.jpg

009.jpg 010.jpg

011.jpg 012.jpg

013.jpg 014.jpg
Like what you see? Let us know, and please don't forget to add the upcoming DLC to your Steam Wishlist!


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Thats an amazing work SCS Software. Nice to see that you guys are working hard for our entertainment and enjoyment. Hopefully this will be out soon and we’ll be able to drive on the beautiful roads of Beyond the baltic sea and yes! Hopefully truckersmp developers would start working on this asap as we are much more curious about the multiplayer version of this DLC. :love:

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