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Hello :)

You will be limited to a max of 10 reports open out the gate.

But if you make good reports, you will eventually get the ability to open more reports simultaneously, but if you make bad reports, you will eventually loose the ability to make reports.

If you have good report, one will increase of 0.5 reports, but a bad one will deduct 0.2.

Q.  Why can I only make 10 reports?

A. Admins are being asked to rate the quality of reports. This is being used to help get rid of the majority of useless reports that currently come through the system. The more good reports you submit, the more you will be able to report in the future. The more bad reports you submit, the less you will be able to report, to the point where you are no longer able to.


Q. I've reached my limit on the report system, what must I do?

A. You must wait for some of your reports to be dealt with. Once some of your reports have gained positive points from an admin, you will have a higher report limit.


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Greetings @SkyMas7er23

I understand this as being in account - reports. And that limit is not a locked number it will move depending on the amount of reports you do that are either accepted or declined. ex. So it works like say if you make 10 reports that are of no point helpfull that limit will somewhat stop you from e.x. spamming the system, ex missusing of the report system.  You can be banned from using the system.
But as long as you do correct fully detailed reports that limit should raise as the time goes and each report gets accepted.

I hope this answers your question and if so let us know by marking the best answer.

Kind Regards

Regards Rasmus(SWE)

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