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[OTHER]Ability to request Game Moderator support for small convoys


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Suggestion Name: Ability to request Game Moderator support for small convoys 

Suggestion Description: The ability to request support from Game Moderators and Upper Staff for small convoys

Any example images: N/A

Why should it be added?: Currently the only way to request support is for Events that take place on the Events Server through the Feedback system, however recently there has been an increase in Convoys being run through ETS2c and no easy way to get support for these convoys.  With this recent rise in Convoys being hosted through ETS2c there has been an increase of trolls using ETS2c to target larger convoys.  I propose a system to be added where by you can request support for these convoys, Game Moderator's can reply if they are able to help support you with a running of these Convoys.  It will also mean that Convoy organisers do not need to go and PM loads of Game Moderator's to find one which is available to help support their Convoy.  Certain requirements could also be put in place to ensure that this system is no abused, like a certain number of signatures (around 15) could be required before requesting their support through this new system.  

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