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[22nd October 2022] Euro Truck Simulator 2's 10th Anniversary

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Hay all, it has been nearly a year since I posted this topic, and while half of it been quiet and no work being done, I have been continuing the planning and development of this event and I wanted to tell you some of the things that I been doing.

  1. Event Discord - I have brought up a discord server that has nearly everything ready for the big day, slot channels, roles, permissions and ect. The invite to the server is in the first post with all the information but I don't expect it to be used that much until a few months before the event. Feel free to join and use it however you see fit within reason.
  2. Prizes - With prizes I want to make this event fun with reward for helping celebrate the occasion without myself going bankrupt. All of the solo prizes that I have up are never going to change and some may be added, but for the VTC prizes I might change the "Largest VTC Attendance" prize, it might be lowered depending how my life changes before the event. I might also change a few prizes to include popular steam games that will be introduced latter. I also have a giveaway bot in the event discord that will be doing giveaways during the truck-fest so if you don't win a set prize you might win another potentially better prize.
  3. Location - I chose the Roscoff seaport because it was the largest spot that I could find IF we held the event on the main server.(ie. EU2) As I continue to think about it, the seaport might just be too small, I am still looking at the map and DLC's coming out to see if there is a better location and will tell you if I find one.
  4. Areal Map - This goes in hand with #3, as more game updates come out and spots change I will update the areal map. So far nothing has changed except the promise that solo trucks with trailers will have a spot. Just keep an occasional eye on the lower left corner of the first post for edits.
  5. Convoy/Route Suggestion - I am beginning the core details on a convoy/best scenic route suggestion list. This will include a route from the seaport in Roscoff and will make a full loop around the map making stops at all the best places. I have a post made to assist me in this quest if anyone would like to help, just post your route and would help to include an in-game screenshot of the route. https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/84654-best-scenic-routes/
  6. Video Montage - I have been working on creating a video montage from other users clips to capture ETS2 and that is going as well as you think, not good, I have zero experience in video editing. I have a rough edit done but it has black cut scenes everywhere and one section with 45 seconds of just one persons clip. So pray for me that I can clean it up and include more in it within the next 3 years.

With all that being said we only have nearly 3 years left before showtime, I will be making these annual updates if I don't forget. Keep on trucking and see you all there for the celebration.

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Guest China-WTO-xiao ming

I wish you all the best

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