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Stobart Trucking VTC [STvtc.co.uk] [Est. Feb 2013 ~ 5 year anniversary] [TruckNet / TruckLive]

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What's that? You need a yacht moving from Brest to Dusseldorf urgently? No problem. Let's just make a quick detour via Nice and Stockholm. That is the Stobart way :lol:




unfortunately some minor damage caused by other mp members but nothing a little T cut can't handle :P

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If you're looking for a company who do weekly drives, various trucking challenges, different divisions with different targets and a group of great people to drive and game with, Stobart Trucking is the place to be.


Feel free to check us out @ https://www.stvtc.co.uk/

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I'm happy to say it's very nearly the 5th year anniversary of ST VTC, it's incredible! Brace for a load of planned events for the VTC members and non members!


If you haven't already, join the Discord: https://www.stvtc.co.uk/discord


More to follow!

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Hello @StuartD;


Your topic is inactive for over 40 days. Please follow the requirements:

If you need help, please feel free to send private message to me. Moved to Company Archive. Thanks for your interest !


Edit: Your Topic is in Companises again. Good Luck ! 


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Tuesday night drive with a couple of my Long Haul Division mates. We drove from Paris, France to Ancona, Italy.... with the kind of detours that LH drivers like to make so that the drive is more enjoyable.



















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