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[LKW Tr.] Elliot [CEO]

LKW Transport | Founded in April, 2015 | Professional, Stable, Active, Laid-back

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Used to be in LKW for quite some time, and those who would apply wouldn't make a mistake. The company is well organized, you'll be warmly welcomed and its community is more or less like a family. Been saying it for some time now, will keep on saying it in the future - LKW is one of the best companies out there, if not the greatest one!

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I don't usually like any VTC beside soarfly logistics, but all i can say about LKW transport is that this vtc is worth it and is decent with not much over the top requirements.


If you are newbie/experience and want a decent vtc with good reputation and strong foothold in history, Go for LKW , yes there are many other vtc's with a longer history but my personal recommendation would be LKW, of course if you want a more strict vtc go for Soarfly that is when it opens again.


Welcome to forums LKW Transport ;) 

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