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How to change the Free Camera Controls

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Hi, The Free Camera is very useful in game for various purpose. I Played on a Laptop and the keyboard did not have any NUM keys. It was a problem for me for a long time until i found the solution.


If you have a Keyboard like this Follow the steps Below. (Laptop/Compact Keyboard)



Enable Free Camera:

  • Go to Documents Folder & Open Euro Truck Simulator 2 Folder.
  • Open “config.cfg“ file with the text editor.
  • Now look for the entry “uset g_developer” and “uset g_console” and change there the value from “0” to “1“.
  • To increase the speed of the camera change to this value (  “uset_g_flyspeed” 100.0 ”  )
  • Save the file and Free Camera is activated.


Change Camera  Control:

  • To change the control go to Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles\6DGGV546HGHG543R80 [Your Profile]
  • Open " controls.sii " file with the text editor and Change the values according to your preference.


config_lines[86]: "mix dbgfwd `keyboard.num8?0`"

 config_lines[87]: "mix dbgback `keyboard.num5?0`"

 config_lines[88]: "mix dbgleft `keyboard.num4?0`"

 config_lines[89]: "mix dbgright `keyboard.num6?0`"

 config_lines[90]: "mix dbgup `keyboard.num9?0`"

 config_lines[91]: "mix dbgdown `keyboard.num3?0`"


  • Save the file and Free camera controls are changed.



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