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[FORUM] Size of Cover Photo

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Normally there are some players that cover photo stay unfocused and with the wrong size, therefore, this guide will teach to have the correct proportions.


If you choose one random photo to put as a cover, this could happen: 

Example Wrong Size


To not happen this you should to put the photo with the size of 1800 x 270 pixels


After having the photo with the correct proportions is just put it as a cover:

screen 3


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Your theory is incorrect.


The width is not 1800, but 1777.

The height is not 270, but 200.


H:270 is the dimension including the black bar underneath the picture:



1777x200 is the dimension your cover photo is supposed to be (or any size with similar aspect ratio):


For example: mine is 5184x582.

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@Tuna_Thanks for your reply!


I've read that topic as well and had my doubts after reading it, so I put this thing to the test :P.


To confirm my suspicion I have used both 'dimensions' extension (chrome) and MS Paint.

Both pointing out that the correct dimension should be 1777x200.


Cover photo itself (chrome extension):




Black bar (chrome extension):




Cover photo itself (MS Paint):




Black bar (MS Paint):




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1 hour ago, Tuna_ said:

@CptAir Thank you for sharing your opinion


1777 x 200 pixels would be the most correct number, however, the all size of Cover Photo ( with black bar ) is approximately 1800 x 270 pixels , therefore,  that´s the correct size that a cover photo should have.




In this case the lower part of your cover photo would vanish behind the black bar (just like the photo in your opening post), which I don't think is quite supposed to happen.

But that of course, is whatever one prefers.



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