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No fear! Its quite easy to get around 






Servers are unavailable error
This error appears when Discord themselves, are having technical issues, you cannot solve this. You're only option is to wait it out.


How do I report users to discord?
You cannot use Truckers.MP user reporting for reporting discord members.

To report a user to Discord, you must take evidence, such as User ID, Message ID, and most importantly, screenshots or screen recordings. These must be unedited. Then you can use Discord's support website to report the user. They have a full guide online to help you through it.
The support website has been listed below within the links section.




If your a discord bot developer and need help with the API, there is many discord servers you can go to. The main server is the discord API server which you can get full help.
Another server which is well know for API help is the Discord.JS server. This is only helpful if you use the Discord.JS NPM package for Node.JS.






Creating A Server

Starting your brand new server is quite easy! Just follow the steps below and you got what you need!
All the steps are in the spoiler below.


Step One! Find the add server button. 

Step Two! Create your server.

Step Three! Name your server (Including logo and server region).

Deleting Your Server?

Removing your server is easy! Just follow the steps below to help you with it 


Right click the server you want to remove and find this setting.

Step two, enter your discord server name to remove it.



Thats it! You've just deleted your server!

Just to be clear, no one other than YOU can remove the server, so its safe.







Discord.JS: https://discord.js.org/
Discord.PY: https://discordpy.readthedocs.io/en/stable/

Discord Applications: https://discord.com/developers/applications

Discord Owned Servers
Bug Hunter: https://discord.gg/discord-testers 


Support: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us
Download: https://discord.com/download

Status: https://discordstatus.com/
Nitro: https://discord.com/nitro
HypeSquad: https://discord.com/hypesquad



How To Join The Official Server (Provided By: Anriandor)



How To Get User ID's (Provided By: ChrisPatrol)



How To Report Discord Users (Provided By: ChrisPatrol)
(Please note: This is only for the official TMP discord server, not others)




- Rhys

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Thanks for the guide:D






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