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[OTHER]Backseat Moderation - Facebook Group + Discord

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Suggestion Name: Add a 'Backseat Moderation' rule to the official TruckersMP Facebook Group and Discord Guild.

Suggestion Description: Add a rule pertaining to regular users 'backseat moderating' on TruckersMP's alternate social platforms, rather than just on the forums.

Any example images: N/A

Why should it be added?: Given that there are now specific members of the Community Moderation Team dedicated to moderating these platforms, I feel that there should be rules pertaining to the fact that it's their job to find rulebreaking content on these platforms.

Additionally, there are certain users that already backseat moderate, whether to cause arguments or just make everyone else think that they're moderators.

Finally, there are report functions for both platforms - For Discord, you can report on the forums and on Facebook, there is a specific 'report to group moderator' button. I feel that people should utilise this before attempting to take the problem into their own hands.

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Guest Wheezy



Thanks for your suggestion. I am sorry because of how long it has taken for this suggestion to be replied too.


In the Facebook group rules, 1.01 covers it as that rules refers the user to read the main TruckersMP service rules. In the main TruckersMP rules, 1.7 covers this. 



§1.7 - Backseat moderation

It is the role of our moderation staff to seek out and identify offences on our platforms while they are managing the TruckersMP community. Do not take matters into your own hands. If you see something that breaks the rules, please report the post, topic or user on the appropriate system.


We do feel that "backseat moderation" is not enforced on Facebook as much as it should be and we will look into working more to enforce this more.


As this suggestion has already been implemented, I will accept this.



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