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[KETS2I] MdPasek

[19 AUGUST 2018] 73'rd Indonesia Independence Day Convoy

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We are Indonesian Truckers separate by different island and VTC, intend to hold convoy together in our independence day.
We invite all Indonesian Truckers to attend this convoy.


Type of the event: Truckfest
Game : ETS2
Max Players : 200
AFK Kick     : NO
Speed Limiter : NO
Collisions : YES
Cars for players : NO



Url to the thread:


[IMPORTANT] Details of convoy and updates can be found in links as follows:


[IMPORTANT] Find the convoy detil and Galery here: 


Organisator : Indonesia Satu


Official Page : fb.me/1NDONESIASATU


Join Indonesia Satu Group, Sharing and Discussion:

Event Details:

Date : Aug 19th, 2018

Server: INDONESIA SATU (Private Server)

Server Alternative: ETS2 Euro 3 [ EU#3 ]
Trailers : Yes
Truck,Trailer,Skin : All Red or All White

Gathering Time: 30 minute before Start Time

Start Time : 1:00 PM (13:00) UTC

Start From Glasgow (SteinBruch)
Finish: Dover (Port)


Event Rules:
1. Follow TruckersMP rules
2. No cars (No Skoda)
3. No beacons (Only event staff and VTC leader can use beacons)
4. No mods (This is to reduce crashes and lags)*
5. No overtaking (Only event staff are allowed to overtake)



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8 hours ago, [KETS2I] MdPasek said:

Event Rules


Please note that, unless you got an event server with dedicated rules, you cannot officially enforce any of these rules during the event. In order to request a special event server, please have a look at this topic.



8 hours ago, [KETS2I] MdPasek said:

Only Indonesian Truckers can join this event.



//Moved to Indonesian Discussion

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Dear Anriandor - TruckersMP,
Thank you for your responses and information. We already edited event rules.
We waitting for your reply and good news to open event server for this convoy..

Best Regards,


[Kets2I]Md Pasek

Edited by Anriandor
Removed unnecessary quotation.

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