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Heya there!


As the others already said above: We are sorry for the long time of waiting at the moment, but at some times there are many more reports than yours - a reaction can take some days. Our GM team is very busy with the work they are doing all the day, of course also their private life that you have to respect. Please stay patient for now, you will get a reaction :)


Best regards,


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Inorder to keep put community safe from others (support) report the bad users with video evidence. 


Link: https://truckersmp.com/reports


Unfortunately Game Moderators can't be everywhere watching you and others i suggest useing the in-game report system and hopefully  a Game Moderator calms your reports. If your reports get declined and you feel like thatvuser deserves a ban report them with the link i posted. ^



Kind regards,

-Arctic Wolf l Viva Trucking 

Stay happy and safe

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