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[GAME]Trucker Blackbox


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Suggestion Name: Trucker Blackbox

Suggestion Description:


I am tired of people ramming me just for no good reason.  If you overtake me that is fine with me as long as you don't hit me like in real life trucking.  However, they ram anyways.  The first time I was in Las Vagas and following the rules stopping at every freaking light and from the other side the jerk cross 2 lanes of traffic just to ram me.  I try to report them but I did not know how to at the time.  After doing a quick reload and trying to find him, the guy was gone.  I thought about it last night and came up with an idea that may work out. I call it the Trucker black box.   Just like an Airplane black box.


In the subroutine where the damage is calculated, add the black box function. 


Damage.class or where ever the paragraph holds the damage information and how it calculates damage with impact.


If (object colide == vehicle) 


prompt message = " Do you want to report the player for ramming?" //  This will display for both players.

If yes to either player, record the last 30 seconds just before the ramming and save it to a file.

I am guessing you should be able to pull the server logs and locations just for the 2 vehicles.  In addition, traffic signals and other vehicles in the area.

Send the file to the GM or moderator that is on duty and allow them to watch the short video 30 seconds before the ramming to determine who ram who...


From there it will be up to the GM to decide.  No longer you will need videotape evidence.  In addition, I am pretty sure the server has a log of the position of every vehicle in the area as well as the condition of the lights.  aka, Birth of the Truckers Black Box.  No more getting away with it now because we all know that all Collision is done by the same function in ATS and ETS. 


I hope this will help


Any example image: Any number of youtube videos.  Just watch.



Why should this be added?  To catch who is really doing the ramming and prevent anyone trying to get away with it.  It will also help the moderators narrow down who is doing the ramming and/or any other violation.  


I swear, why can't everyone drive like they are supposed to.

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