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"Guests" spam prevention

FernandoCR [ESP]

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Suggestion name: As Title.

Suggestion description: Right now, someone can create an account, do whatever crazy things he/she wants in the forums and right after that, delete the account, so there's no way to ID him/her. If possible, a method should be implemented so as soon as a user deletes his/her account, all forum posts/topics/status updates created with that account are automatically deleted, turned to "Hidden", or something similar.

Any example images: 




Why should it be added: To avoid things like the image. Some of us like to surf the forums by going to the "Unread messages" and finding 2-3 pages of B*******T by some stupid "angry bird" is annoying.

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Guest Anriandor

Believe it or not, there is a spam prevention setting on IPB for that purpose. However, I cannot tell you why it did not work as intended. Anyways, your idea is good (as always), hence why it gets opened for the discussion.



//Moved to TMP Services.

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Guest Jollis

I have not come across this issue myself however its addition I would imagine could be easily implemented to help prevent spam.


I would imagine that a plugin could be installed on the forums to stop the same message from being sent again and again as the above image is the same message copy and pasted.  


+1 to this suggestion :) 

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Another issue is the above^^


That is my old account but because it does not link with your Steam64 ID I have to create a new account to link to the forums.  


What should happen is when you "recreate" your account it joins your forums account up with your new TruckersMP account.


Thus I can then edit my old messages and it should update with any changes to my TruckersMP name and pictures.  

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