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Late and Damage Penalty BUG


Game: ETS2

Mod Version: Latest Patch version, ETS2 version 1.31.1s
Controllers Used: N/A
Description of Issue: Late and Damage Penalty ???
How to reproduce: I did a job and was perfect on time without any damage or what ever. but still I get a Time Penalty of 141588 h 13 min and a Damage Penalty of 6.2% what is total Inposible for a driving distance of 533 km. I didnt log of of paused the game. it was a singel drive from A to B. so no money and no XP earned in this trip. Please fix this.

Screenshots / Videos:

Late Panalty.jpg

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Guest Frosty.

Hi there,


The way option to solve this is to start a World Of Trucks Job, please note that this will enable a maximum speed of 90km/h.



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Guest ^^Mr.Wolf^^ ~[CZ/ENG]

Heey dear @DJJeffP

Also , you can complete a job late ,when you will be taken a jobs for Singleplayer and then you go to Multiplayer ,because in MP is differend time ;)


Best Regards


TruckersMP Members

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Hello :) 

This error about: to disappear the labor market loads and also the late loads, are common mistakes in TruckersMP.

Recommendations and explanations about your problem:

  • With regard to delayed loads at the time of delivery at the destination, it happens, because if you started loading on the offline and continued work in multiplayer (or any similar situation) will happen the same problem. Always start and finish a job in multiplayer or you can try for World Of Trucks (I do not use this system of loads, but I recommend you try, it seems to be more secure in relation to these errors)
  • If you have no load on the job market and are in multiplayer, just go to a workshop, hotel, garage or any other place you sleep. After you arrive at this location and you are parked where it appears if you want to sleep or not, you hit enter to sleep and then check your labor market if there was any load or not. You can also try using World Of Trucks (speed limited to 90km/h) or use load synchronizers other than WOT


Reset your economy job

Guide here


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