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Slowly Files Update Download / Download Lento de Arquivos de Update



I was getting a very slow download hate when trying to update system and ETS2 on TruckersMP Launcher. Some times looks like the download stucks.

So I unninstalled it and after install again the poor hate persists. I was almost givin up to try, but leave the Launcher open and run the ETS2 (Steam Version) because decide to play offline while updating... then I hit alt+tab and perceive the download was more fluid than before.

Wait it finishes and close ETS2 to use the TruckersMP launch button.

Hope it helps some budies!




Eu estava tendo problemas de taxa de download muito baixas para atualizar o sistema e o ETS2 pelo launcher do TruckersMP. Em alguns momentos parecia que o download havia parado.

Tentei desinstalar o programa e reinstalar mas o problema persistia. Então eu estava quase desistindo mas resolvi deixar o launcher rodando e abri o jogo (versão da Steam) para ir jogando o modo offline mesmo.

Resolvi apertar Alt + Tab pra ver como estava e percebi que "milagrosamente" o download estava indo mais fluido e assim foi até que concluiu. Depois disso fechei o jogo e apertei para abrir ele pelo botão que surgiu no launcher.

Espero que isso ajude alguns colegas!

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Guest ^^Mr.Wolf^^ ~[CZ/ENG]

Hello mate @[email protected]


Slower instalation can be , when you have a slow internet connecting or also can be download this update lots of people,who this Launcher can brake.


If you can check , what is Speed your internet connecting. 



Also you can try re-install the Launcher

Please you follow my steps ; 

1.<Press Windows+R keys 

2.< In to The line you write %programdata% 

3.< You find a folder ,which Is called TruckersMP and open it .

4.< There Is file ,his name Is uninstall.exe  please open it and uninstall the Launcher

5.< Then, you go to Documents - And ETS 2 MP And ATS MP folder please you Removed.

6.<Also you can check ,that in This Computer-Program Files(x86) - Is not none folder ,which have a name TruckersMP.

7.< Then ,you are ready for install the Launcher again.

8.< Here is link for existing Launcher : 



9.Then ,you can open the folder and install it.


Also I attach link with Instalation ,for sure : 




Good luck ! 

And Happy Trucking 

Kind Regards


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This issue may be due to the Internet. Please follow the solution steps:


  • Download TruckersMP using VPN.
  • Reset Your Modem.
  • Do not make update in Background.

Best regards.


TruckersMP Game Moderator

Support of the Year 2018


Official Rules Official Turkish Rules | Support Ticket | Steam How to become a Game Moderator?




Nothing last forever.



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