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invalid passwort or email


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Hey @Xeron,


please try the following: 

- Enter to the site with E-Mail, which you register on the site, not your game nickname, or Steam nickname;
- Write your E-Mail and password in Notepad, and then copy them one by one paste in the login window, if you  not sure that your login and password is correct writing by yourself;
- If none of the above advice does not help the situation, try to reset your password and log in again;
- Do not use a password or E-Mail any symbols, password must being only characters and numbers;
- Do not use Steam-account, if the game is not bought on it, and on the other account. With the «Steam Family Sharing»to play in multiplayer you can't to connect also;
- Your e-mail address from a Steam account must match the email address used when you registered on  ETS2MP site. This is a very important point!
- Run Steam, then press Profile> Edit Profile> My private setting and set a to all point is "Public";
If none of the above works, then try these:
1) Go on Documents-ETS2MP and delete client.edc
2) Write your password and mail into a text file
3) Open ETS2MP and copy the mail and the password from the text file created before on the ETS2MP login page with CTRL+V


If none of the above works, then please send us a ticket over Support system (support.truckersmp.com)



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