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Each player, from TruckersMP can not request or open the server as he wants, there are some rules. 



  • In the Major Events section on the forum, you need to find a topic that belongs to your activity.
  • You must have specified temporary rules that apply to your activity. You must specify these rules in the event server when sending requests. You can learn more about this situation by clicking on the link provided: 
  • At least 100 players must participate in your event. You need to prove this number, absolutely. To prove this, it is sufficient that you are a part of the community, a person known by the community, or on the web site ets2c.com, at least 100 players are registered, indicating that they will join the convoy.


Best regards.

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Guest Frosty.

Hello @herogeneration5,


Due to inactivity, a total 3 days, I will move this topic to inactive.

If your problem is solved, not solved, or you want to open this post again, please let me know via Discord (pm) or via the forum messenger.


Thanks for understanding,



/Locked & moved to Inactive.

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