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[GAME]Solving "No Jobs Available" Issue Without Resetting Economy or Sleeping/Teleporting

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Suggestion Name: Solving "No Jobs Available" Issue Without Resetting Economy or Sleeping/Teleporting

Suggestion Description: Having no jobs when you start TMP is a commonly known bug and it has many ways to fix it (seen here:  https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/15129-common-problemsquestions-please-read-before-posting/ ) but all of these solutions have their own problems. For example resetting economy makes your truck to spawn to its originated garage and also it is a bothering task as you enter profile, reset economy, leave profile and re-enter etc... Finding rest place, repair shop, garage or hotel are also not always possible. Imagine Oslo, Paris, Madrid where cities are big, and also not always these places are safe and calm. Like any major cities in North West Europe; these 4 areas are mostly crowded. By the way not all cities have ferries, not all companies have good cargos and WOT jobs have speed limits. So my suggestion is making a setting in TMP with purpose of: "Reset in-game economy but prevent truck to teleport to its originated garage". By making it a setting, people can use it or stay in default.

Any example images: No

Why should it be added?: 1. It increases game playability. 2. It prevents extra spawn rate on repair shops and garages. 3. It prevents people who drive around and search a rest area or hotel.

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