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Negative ratings on reports from the calais-duis area




Why do we get negative ratings on our reports from the calais-duisburg area? Aren't we helping the community by reporting the rammers and hackers? I feel bad because I have to report swearing and wrong way drivers to make up for all the negative ratings I receive. If my reports follow the rules and guidelines, how come I get negative rating just because they are from the calais-duisburg area?

And why is the rating system not public? Why do we have to ask the feedback if we want to know the ratings on our report? Isn't the whole idea behind the rating system is to give the users feedback whether their reports are "good" or not?






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That your report was accepted does not necessarily imply that you also receive a positive rating for it. In that sense, even negative reports can give you positive reputation while accepted reports can be rated negatively. It always depends on the situational circumstances which can be seen in the video you have recorded. Quite often, it falls under §1.4 that users are spamming reports. As a matter of fact, many people are actually purposely adding useless traffic to highly populated areas just to report other players from there and this justifies receiving a negative score.


Also, a filed report which is being accepted does not mandatorily mean that it was of the best quality which would deserve a positive rating. By the way, if you are wondering about your rating and why GMs do not explain that, there is no field where Game Moderators are required to justify the reason for their rating (as it cannot be seen by users anyway), hence why they are not doing so. When your report was accepted, it merely means that the person has broken the rules, not that the circumstances of your report would justify deserving a positive rating.


Additionally, please do not consider reports as being the mean of doing something good or even "helping the community". Some people think they are some kind of small Game Moderators by doing that but this is not actually the case. People do not "help" us with reports, it is just a necessary mean for them to be protected against trolls and call people to account. In that sense, it always requires us to work but that is a service we offer so that people feel well in-game. I would not only define it as a help, however, you would actually help us by joining the team and contributing to the project though. Lastly, there are indeed certain criteria regarding the report score but the Project Management has faced the decision that these circumstances will not be shared publicly. In that sense, I can only answer your question in the way I just did. Hopefully, you can understand this.



With this post, I have also answered the last open question for this round of the Q&A section. An entire week has already passed and so it will be archived again.



Kind regards,


TruckersMP Community Manager




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