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Truckers' Database | All-in-one VTC Recruitment & Management System

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Are you a growing VTC looking to recruit drivers, but struggling with your current methods? How about a driver, trying to find a VTC for you? Truckers' Database is the place for you, whether you're looking for a European logistics company or an ATS VTC.

How does it work?

Basically, we're a catalogue of VTCs. You can browse our pages, and if you see one you like, you can view more information, rate it, and even use our application system. VTCs can register to get access to our VTCPanel, where you can edit your information, view applications, and add convoys to our system. You can also keep track of your drivers, who can submit jobs.

What's coming soon?

Well, we're developing a Driver Panel, so drivers can log jobs and mark their attendance for convoys. We're also updating and editing our site and VTCPanel, adding features and improving the overall experience.

Where can I find it?

Just go to https://truckersdb.net/index.php to find all of this sweet stuff! Our Discord, donation and contact links are all on our website, and you can follow us on Twitter (@truckersdb_VTC) to get new updates.


The website



From the VTCPanel, VTC staff and owners can manage their VTC page. This includes all the information seen above, as well as adding convoy's and accepting drivers loads and any applications to the VTC. The site is layed out in such a way that editing any information, adding drivers or accepting loads is quick and easy, and most importantly updates instantly.


Through this system, you can also add and remove drivers.


Drivers Hub:

Drivers can apply for VTC's through the main website, with or without a DriversHub profile. Once you are registered as a VTC driver, you can see Upcoming events as well as log jobs for your VTC and check on your play time.


...and thats about it, for now. However, TruckersDB has an active dev team, who are always on hand to help with any issues and most importantly, are always working on something new! Why not join now? Head to


to apply as a VTC, or through the drivers hub and watch your VTC grow faster than ever!


Post and images (minus logo) made by Rootyyy on behalf of Callum S of TruckersDataBase. Kings Global Transport have no affiliation with TruckersDB, nor do I.

Who am I?

I am the ex. Owner and Founder of LGO Logistics. I then moved to Atlas Logistics as their VTC Vice Manager before joining Kings Global Transport as an Assessor.

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Your tool topic doesn't provide correct information about current state of your project. Also, links contains a redirect.

So, this topic will be archived. Fell free to contact me if you have any questions and/or you want this topic to be opened again to make all necessary changes.

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