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Scout Car Will Not Exceed 47 km/h



To preface: I am referring to the Scout Extra_D Standard. (Trucks will not encounter this issue)

What's Happening: The car will not exceed 47 km/h (not MPH), and right after it reaches that speed, it will slowly decline to around 30 km/h, and no amount of acceleration will help. This is both within city limits and on the highway. I am in Europe 2, which is an unregulated server for car speed, or cars in general.

What I've tried:

  • I tried shutting off the speed limiter in-game (which should be 90 km/h, but nonetheless, I tried). It actually will not shut off, when I untick the box, it will simply retick itself. (This issue is non-existent when I use a truck)
  • I tried shutting off the speed limiter in the TruckersMP setting. This was already off and won't turn back on without my conscious decision.
  • I tried selling my old Scout car and buying a new one. Nothing changed.


Not sure what else to say. This is a very strange glitch. If you need any follow-up information to address my problem, I'm ready to provide. Thank you so much in advance.

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Hello dear friend 

Please check this : 

If you have a problem with Scout ,you try change from Automatic gearboxes on Manual  ;)


Also Scout cars gearbox(shifting) is a known bug,TruckersMP team are work hard for that's bug fix,just wait patienly.




Good luck ! 

Best Regards 


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The developers are aware of this issue and they are currently working on a fix. The issue is that the automatic gearbox has got a bug on it. The solution to sort this out will be to use a manual gearbox or H-Shifter if possible. 


Best regards.

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Hi, this is a mistake that the Team is already aware of. ^_^


Do the following, if it is on the automatic, accelerate, as soon as the car has requested a gear change, release the accelerator quickly and return to accelerate. Try to do this. This gear shift that the car asks for is a certain sound you hear on the vehicle, as if you were forcing the engine, at that point you apply what I mentioned above.


Hope this helps.:wub:

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Dear @Primaski,


As said before, this is a known bug and developers are aware of it. Please, be patient! Because that, I'll lock this ticket. :)


//Locked and moved to Solved

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