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How to use texture mods


I know mods in general, are not allowed in TruckersMP, but I do not see what the problem is to make small changes in textures.

I particularly hate the interior of the Volvo (2009), it was made in a time when SCS did not pay much attention to detail.




I wonder if there is any way to bring these minor modifications to the multiplayer, or if there is a place I can submit mods for approval.


Sorry for any error, was translated by Google Translate.










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Not as far as I know.

This is impossible because the truck is not only rendered for you, but also for everyone else, and the Information given, as an example a Texture Mod is not existing locally on other machines.

So basically everyone would need to download the Mod, otherwise, their game is looking for a file, that doesn't exist.

This results in Textures/Assets not being shown, basically Invisible Stuff or in crashing other players.


If you would somehow manage to get that Texture loaded into the game using the TruckersMP Client I guess you would get kicked out again because of an invalid accessory set being detected.




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