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Car speed limited but truck is OK

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I have a problem where the car is limited to like 48 km/h and only goes up when I press the shift key to adjust the shift up, trucks work fine and can go at the highest speed, it's only cars.


If anyone knows how to fix this it would be helpful if you could tell me!







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Hello :) 


Everyone is experiencing this problem and developers are aware of this problem. Please be patient.


Best Regards,

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Hello! :)


This could possibly be due to your settings, maybe with your settings, try changing it to 'Simple automatic' in the car.

Otherwise, other reasons the speed limiter may be turn on.


  • In the Eur #2 server, the speed limiter is automatically turned on, it limits all vehicles to 140km/h.
  • However, upon entry to a city, it will be limited to 90km/h to prevent accidents etc..
  • External contracts also enable a speed limiter. To ensure the speed limiter is disabled, don't do External contracts, (of course that is optional).

As this is a known bug to the developers, I have helpfully found you a forum:


I sure hope this answers your question!


Kind regards,


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