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Fatigue / Tiredness



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Sleeping in multiplayer sometimes goes wrong or not go working ...I recommended you port over garage for example from Praha to Berlin and again back to Praha or use F7+Enter ..It would should show some jobs :) Of course you must have activate sleep in settings 

You might try it :) 

1. Go to documents/eurotrucksimulator2/profiles (Via your Windows) 

2. Select your profile folder and go into it

3. Open a file called "config" - To do this Right click --> "Open With" then select "Notepad" as the preferred application

4. Once you have opened that file press CTRL + F and search for  g_force_economy_reset "0" 

5. Change the "0" to a "1" 

6. Save the file and launch ETS2 - A message saying  "Game change detected..." will appear. Press OK/Accept.

7. Now follow the steps again but this time change the "1" back to a "0" on the line g_force_economy_reset in the config file.


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Hi there


Have you get that help you needed ?

Or still need more help ?

Let us know :)



Kind Regards

Total EDM

Support Team

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