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Great change in reputations, my dear friend. I foresee more interactions in the forum after that.  An idea would be to put a kind of medal from a certain position of reputation, this medal would b

Great changes, I like it :v 

Thank you very much for the information.

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2 hours ago, [Fr]LuzmoGGaminG said:

Nice to know but what does the number mean like: Veteran I, Veteran V etc...


Thanks in advance

Hello @[Fr]LuzmoGGaminG,


The Ranks or Titles

Veteran Driver 

Veteran Driver II 

Veteran Driver III

Veteran Driver IV

Veteran Driver V 

are showing you the time when ever u Joined the Forums.


Like as an Exemple u have the Drive Title as you joined 2 Hour ago,

or in my case a got the Veteran Driver V Title as i have joined the Forum in 2014

which you currently can't see currently because its block by the spacer.png Pledge which u can get by Supporting TruckersMP over Patreon u can learn more about that and how to claim sutch Rewards right here.


Hopefully that made it a little clearer for u to understand.


Kind Regards


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Thanks For Informations

                                                                                             Kind Regards,
                                                                                             Scanva Diesel A/S

                                                                                             TruckersMP Driver


                                                                              “A great future doesn’t require a great past.”

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Great changes ,thanks for that ❤️ 

                                                                                 spacer.png    -Bruijn Logistics Driver-    spacer.png    




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