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I haven't seen any thread on the subject so i'm gonna post it : 


Suggestion Name: Add the light dots on the new trailer's lights



Suggestion Description: SCS has added new trailers over the past years, first with the Schwarzmuller DLC and now with the krone/goodyear event. while looking at the last added in game, it raised the problem that, in multiplayer, the lights are not visible. Unlike the old trailers, the new don't have red and orange light dots visible at any distance. the shwarzmuller cutrain trailer lack only for the night light (blinkers and stop lights do have the light dot, and thus it's not that bad), but the new krone/goodyear trailer doesn't have any. and that's a problem because it is not visible at night unless you squint hard, and are completely impossible to see with other trucks' head lights.

My suggestion is then to had a few of those dotty boys on the new trailers to allow them to be visible like they should.



Any example images: better, i got GIFS

In all of the following gifs, all lights except for stop lights are on (blinkers, rearing and night light).

▼"Classic" trailer (perfect)


▼Schwarzmuller trailer (it's fine but having the night lights would be nice when blinkers and rearing are off)


▼Krone/goodyear trailer (litterally nothing)



note that these gifs were taken in single player but they appear exaclty the same on other trucks in multiplayer.


Why should it be added?: For security reasons. simple as that, not being able to see what the truck infront ahead is up to is dangerous. 

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Guest S̶ ̶p̶ ̶a̶ ̶r̶ ̶k̶ ̶i̶ ̶e̶

SCS released this trailer early, and unfinished, meaning by the next ETS2 update this should be much better.  (Providing they arent too busy)

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Guest ^^Mr.Wolf^^ ~[CZ/ENG]

I think that everything about Trailers Is good ;) But only Krone trailers they need lights a bit darker;) 

Best Regards


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I agree which is why I don't use the Krone trailers for that reason. Though this is an issue for SCS to update there Krone DLC content. I own the dlc purely so I can see the trailers and use its wheels on my normal trailer.


Have a good day,








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Guest Wheezy



After careful consideration, we have decided to not implement this suggestion at the moment. We feel that this is not a priority at the moment and we also feel that there is not enough demand for this to be added.


I hope you take this decision on board. Feel free to suggest it in the later future but at the moment, it is a no. 



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