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Virtual Trucker Rich Presence // ETS2 & ATS Rich Presence for Discord

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Virtual Trucker Rich Presence on Discord

An easy tool to let others see your current job, speed, truck etc. using Discord Rich Presence!

Here's our Discord server for support and getting your image featured: https://discord.gg/UwSJjSA


In different weather or time, your image will change on the rich presence.
It will change when your turn your lights on/off or wipers on/off.

ETCARS* is required for the RPC to work!

*ETCARS is included with the Installer when it is selected!


Supports both Euro Truck Simulator 2American Truck Simulator and TruckersMP.


Rich presence example on Single Player



Rich presence example on Multiplayer



On Multiplayer shows server connected and location on the map to the nearest city.


Rich presence example for ATS




Installing VT-RPC for Normal Users

Install Virtual Trucker Rich Presence using a release installation package from our Github.

Take a look to User Guide for further details.


Use in development environment

But here is the most important information.


ETCARS - https://etcars.menzelstudios.com/

Node.js - https://nodejs.org

Git - https://git-scm.com


Install and download the required programs.

Open cmd/powershell by holding shift while right clicking inside the VT-RP directory.

Install the required node modules by typing "npm i" in PS/CMD.

Start the rich presence by typing "node index.js".

Start ETS2.

Now make sure to select the correct "game" in Discords Game Settings. In this case you should try to find the "game" called "node".

Select that and start playing!


Credits To Developers

Rein: Images & several text improvements.
Lasse: Initial project, coding.
SgtBreadStick: Coding, text improvements, backgrounds.
Josh Menzel: ETCARS plugin, compatibility with ETCARS, future updates.
dowmeister: ETCARS plugin, several future updates.

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Cool though it kind of worked one time now wont do anything discord just shows normal info.... going to try reboot and reinstall (just doing Installing VT-RPC for Normal Users)..


EDIT: Did a reinstall  also downloaded ETCARS separate and install that it picked up a current load (though did not show speed) but now seems to be stuck on that job  (that got canceled)  have done another one that it did not pick up on at all and is still showing old job..

Going to uninstall for now like the idea maybe I'm doing something wrong but did follow the normal usage instructions to the letter

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