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How can i check if my microphone works?



How can i check if my microphone works properly and other players can hear me?

I was using my CB to say "Hi" but i never got a reply. At least they were using CB to wish me GL while i was using my headlights.
If it doesnt work how can i fix it?

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You can start by checking your microphone permissions which can be found here if you are using Windows 10 



A second and very easy way is to check from Windows sounds by checking "Listen to this device".




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Hello :) 

Start TruckersMP, then press the cog button in the player list, or press the cog icon in upper left corner on the login screen, select the "Sound" tab, then check the "Speaker device" - change it to "Default", then press "Apply". After that, press the "Start test" on the same tab. You should hear yourself as you speak during the test.


There are few things you may need to check:

  • Check your default microphone - it shouldn't be set to stereo mix or similar
  • Check if your headset has the mic mute switch somewhere. If you find it, set it into opposite state - you might've muted the mic by accident.
  • Check the volume of the default microphone - if it's very low(close to 0%), raise it up.
  • Check if you have plugged in the microphone into microphone connector(may not be applicable for USB headsets).


Open your panel with the TAB key multiplayer > Voice > Voice volume setting pull to the right.

Open the game. Return to the desktop.at the time sound level in the audio mixer from the speaker icon, right click on TruckersMP.


Please look at this guide


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