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DLC are not recognized



Hi everyone,
i have bought various dlc. like Michelin and paintwork. These are also listed in My Stem Library. And they work in singleplayer, too. Only in MP these are not displayed, or you can't even select them. Can you give me a hint?


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Guest CrackPrewier



Any DLC for ETS2 from steam should work for you in the multiplayer version. 


Please try and uninstall the affected DLC and install it again to try and fix this problem.


1. Open steam, go to library and right click on ETS2. Then click properties. https://prnt.sc/gkc5m1

2. Click the DLC tab and un-check all the DLCs which don't work https://prnt.sc/gkc5m1

3. Wait for them to uninstall then check the boxes again for them to install again

4. Wait for them to install again. 

5. Open ETS2 and check that all DLCs work


If this doesnt work then then verify your file integrity.


1. Follow up to step [2] in the above list but click "Local Files" tab

2. Click "Verify file integrity" 

3. Wait for steam to verify

4. Open the game and test DLCs.


(verify your DLCs from here= https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings/redirect/dlc)


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