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[ARCHIVED] How to install ReShade/SweetFX

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On 4/8/2019 at 5:30 AM, Hatsunehoshi said:

@JuanBonX Is it allowed to use JBX Weather 2 in multiplayer?

Tnx in advance for your response.


In multiplayer you can not use graphic modifications scs. only post-processing effects (Reshade or SweetFX). 



@Cyrex, With JBX Settings the game is much better visually. 



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It stopped working for 1.36. I tried updating ReShade directly from the download on the scsforums post but it just crashed the game on launch. When using the DX9 files, it doesnt get detected at all.



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(...) At the time we can't, but I wonder if sometime in the future TMP will actually be able to support NVidia's Filters in-game. That could also be an alternative to SweetFX.

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Take a look to the official site: https://www.jbxgraphics.com/jbx-settings/

Below "Download" you can find the newest and compatible file "JBX Setting RC". Just download them and do the same procedures as mentioned on the first post in this thread.

You need to read the instructions on the website and carefully read the read-me since some things has been changed for installing this modification.

Kind regards,


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