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What is the Forum Rank?

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Many people have been wondering what this little thing below their forum name is and how it can be changed. Today, I want to reveal information about that since the number of people who wrote topics a

This guide has been updated to note that you can get a custom rank after 100 posts instead of 500 now 😄 

Very useful post, great job @Anriandor  

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Hi, @Anriandor What you thing about this changes???
This is for you:



0 to 24 reputationTruck?

25 to 99 reputationUnlicensed

100 to 249 reputationSunday Driver

250 to 499 reputationTrainee

500 to 749 reputationReserve Driver

750 to 999 reputationLocal Driver

1000 to 1499 reputationNational Driver

1500 to 2999 reputationInternational Driver

3000 to 4999 reputationVeteran driver

5000 to 9999 reputationDriving Instructor

10000+ reputationKing of the Road!

As it is, it is very difficult to reach the levels (I see by the veteran players). So, thinking about this, and as a stimulus for everyone, I suggested these changes.



0 to 24 reputation    Truck?
25 to 99 reputation    Unlicensed
100 to 299 reputation    Sunday Driver
300 to 549 reputation    Trainee
550 to 699 reputation    Reserve Driver
700 to 999 reputation    Local Driver
1000 to 1499 reputation    National Driver
1500 to 1999 reputation    International Driver
2000 to 2999 reputation    Veteran driver
3000 to 5000 reputation    Driving Instructor
5000+ reputation    Lord of the World!

And you: What  do you think about this????

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