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TruckersMP 4th Anniversary & 100th blogpost

Guest ChrisPatrol

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Guest ChrisPatrol

Dear Players,


Today, 30th April 2018 marks TruckersMP’s 4th Birthday. Over the past four years, the modification, community and staff have grown by the masses.


The Player Base...
On January 2nd, 2016, we reached 750,000 members and only around half a year later, we reached the big one million. But, it did not stop there. On January 21st of this year, we announced we had reached a massive two million player accounts. At this time of writing, three months later, we sit at 2,122,244 player accounts in total.


The Team...
The team started as developers and testers, expanding into Game Administration with the release. Later, Forum Moderators and Support teams were created in order to ensure the help and support of the community are out there. In 2015, the Project Manager role was introduced and the Media team was created. The year 2017 brought the introduction of the Game Moderator Team Leaders, Trial Game Moderators and a big restructure of Upper Staff which introduced the Game Manager role. Recently this year, we introduced the Social Media, Events and Add-On teams. As you can see, since the modification's release four years ago, we have massively expanded the team to make sure we keep up with the community needs.


The Modification…
From player name tags in 2015 to the scout car and CB radio in 2016, TruckersMP Developers have added lots of new features to the game we all know and love to enjoy while playing with our friends and colleagues. Some of the massive changes made are two different report system updates, most recently with the introduction of “demos” which allows Game Moderators to see the past 2 minutes of movement for the reported players. In addition, the implementation of the Caravan trailer, scout cars now also have something to pull within the mod. At the very end of 2016, we also introduced a new auto patcher which allows players to update their game without redownloading the whole mod again.


The website
In January 2016, our Web Developers released a completely new and overhauled website. Since this date, we have written 99 blogposts, and infact, this one makes our 100th! Very fitting...


What's next?
Well, we don't plan to be disappearing anywhere, if that's what you are asking...


Seriously though?
Look out for more news coming soon! 

We would like to say a massive thank you to everybody in the community and staff, new and old as you have all contributed to what TruckersMP is today.


Here is to another year! 


TruckersMP Community Management

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Happy birthday TMP! The next four years are coming! 

It is great to see how big the TMP community is and how the community is getting bigger and bigger!

I am happy being part of this great community. 

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Happy Birthday also from myself. I remember those first day of MP with these small servers, connection problems and that big hype. I think there aren't many players who have started with MP 4 years ago.

I hope TMP will stay here for another 4years :D

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W internecie są ludzie głupsi i mądrzejsi


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Just curious here, can we know the exact number of regular active accounts, yes we may have reached 2millons accounts, but how many are active regularly on the servers. I rarely ever see more than 5000 players active at the same time, its not bad, but knowing that there's 2million accounts, its very surprising that there's no more than 5000 at a time on the road usually.


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Guest ^^Mr.Wolf^^ ~[CZ/ENG]

It want Congrats ... Happy birthday ;) keep it up ;)....Thank you TruckersMP team for all you do for us 

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