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Introducing the "Add-On Team"


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Hello everyone,


As you all know, this multiplayer modification has started from basically nothing and built up a community with over two million people! The story behind the multiplayer modification is rather interesting and can be looked at with great success. While it was very hard for the developers mwl4 and kat_pw to maintain the servers and update the game in time, there was actually never the time to introduce proper add-ons or other little gadgets which make the online experience even more enjoyable. Still, there was enough time to work on an additional project, being the Scout car. It was introduced and has never really changed - until now! There are people in the team who dedicate almost every minute of their spare time to this project. Because of that, the Scout car is finally getting reworked.


On that occasion, it is a perfect point in time to announce the most recent addition to the TruckersMP staff - the "Add-On Team". It is a small team with invaluable modding experience and knowledge. They are going to be the first people in charge of very own multiplayer modifications. Their main occupation will be creating awesome mods to enhance your online gameplay! The caravan is an example of what you can expect from this team.


However, having introduced this team does not mean that every mod suggestion is going to be implemented! Only very few selected mods which are multi-purpose useful will be considered and possibly implemented. We kindly ask you to understand this concern.



If you want to share your opinions or add something to this topic, you are free to do so on the forum.



The Project Management



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Really happy to see TMP moving forward and improving the experience for the players. I've always thought that this mod hasn't changed much over the years in terms of player experience, besides from supporting base game DLCs, Scout 1.0, the administration changes (web reporting system etc.), media team and so on. That's not to say those changes were bad, it just felt like things were progressing a little slower than expected.


Looking forward to seeing what ideas are implemented and what ideas the community wants to see.

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