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Flynn Dawson

Remove or edit the caravan feature!

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Suggestion Name: Remove or edit the caravan feature.

Any example images: Not necessary for this suggestion.

Suggestion Description: Remove the caravans or edit the feature by allowing players to use it for fun, but not to deliver it as a truck-load.

Why should it be removed/edited?: TruckersMP is a online mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2, which is a truck driving simulator, meant to drive trucks.

Altough it is even fun to drive with cars and caravans, but its just a matter of non-realism and simple doesn't fit to the game-style that makes it a bad feature.

This idea for caravans is great, but in my opinion players should be unable to deliver it for cash or any kind of score, simple because it doesn't fit the game-style.

This is "Euro Truck Simulator 2" not "Caravan Racing Simulator 2018 v1 (open béta)" or something like that. Secondly it also causes a lot of dangerous driving.

I've been hit by these caravan deliverers a lot of times, and either a lot of my buddies were hit by a lot of speeding caravans.. going with 150 over crossroads.

As my final argument I either want to say, who will deliver a caravan behind a vehicle in real-life? They used to be delivered on trailers, and yes this is a game!

But it is a simulation, delivering caravans like this is something that belongs to a fantasy game.

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