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What do you think about caravan


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Guest Connor200024
8 minutes ago, Betjon said:

It is a little funny Easteregg. But it is Sad that so many bad stuff happens....

i like it but yeah there are some bad things that happen :( but it's cool that the cars can do something now! :) 

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I've not really had a chance to see how the caravan update is working yet, maybe a fun thing to start with (something different). but inevitably the trolls will eventally find some way of using it to cause problems for the rest of us. Of course i'm hoping this is not the case. The 1 thing i am happy about is the speed limiter though, especially in the citys no more cars/trucks flying down roads ignoring lights and smashing into innocent drivers.

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It seems alright when players use it properly. But with it being the newest addition to the MP, I see every man and their nan driving around with a caravan, which is a bit silly for a trucking game. Ah well, I'm sure people will go back to normal soon.

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