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Car Modification Guide (Wheels and Paint-jobs)

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On 13.06.2018 at 9:12 PM, AimNot said:

Sure, I'm making a guide with pictures of all those defs of AI wheels, when it's done I'll post a link here. Feel free to help. Message me if you want.


Maybe you did not remove all the disc, hub, nuts stuff. And just to remember, you cannot open the car on Truck Configurator, no matter what happens. The only thing you can is to fix it.



this is how I see my car (Pic1)


And see of my car the other players (PIC 2)


PIC 2 (as an example)


It's just my thoughts...
It seems the server has no data on AI cars ,this all the wheels are replaced by the wheels of trucks....
and if so,how would we not tried - it will not work until the files AI cars do not return to the server..

and that's why 

Forerunner said:

These currently do not work properly in multiplayer, so please do not take these into multiplayer until after a client update has been released.


maybe I'm wrong about that...I hope so. ))

Oh Yes, I apologize for my English-mostly I use a translator )


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