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There is so much that we'd like to add to our games eventually! The input and feedback from you, the truck sim fan community, is a tremendous source of inspiration for us.

For the upcoming 1.31 update, a new feature that has spent quite a few years on the wish list is finally almost ready to be released - trailer cables!

Let us give you a quick preview in motion:

As you can see in the video, our developers were able to implement physically simulated trailer cables to both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. And believe us - it was far from easy. These „trivial“ things tend to be much more demanding than they appear, both for programmers when it comes to coming up with fast and robust code, as well as for the vehicle design team to revisit all the existing tractors and trailers and adjust them to the new feature.

We think that you may also like to see this preview image:


Trailer cable support will come for every combination of any truck and trailers, including double and triple trailers where applicable. We will provide three simulation options:
  • Simulated cables visibly connecting your truck to all the trailers.
  • Simulated cables visibly connecting your truck to the first trailer only.
  • Cable simulation turned off completely.

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Hurr durr I'm a bot *beep*

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Nice and we can see 8×4 chassis :)

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Pity that the cables are there just for the looks.
I wish the cables were fully functional and plugged/unplugged with a key by player.


Imagine that you have trailer attached but cables unplugged and you stop your truck uphill trusting parking brakes.
Better trust Newton :)))

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Great news






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I wonder what these cables will look like when your truck takes flight from nocollide car flying down C-D


Also, the double dump trailer looks quite nice

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On 8/28/2018 at 2:16 PM, caff!!! said:

to quote Revolver Ocelot: I love to reload shift gears during a battle delivery.


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An off by default option for seeing them on other trucks like with the flag dlc is a must, the second i saw the video i was thinking fps drops & lag....if not then places like the cd junction will just crash the serves out! 


I hope they fix the bug where one of the cables in the video actually goes through the truck chassis when it goes full lock but i doubt it being in both ats & ets theres trees through the road & the roads have bugs that cause you to bounce like you hit a massive kerb & damage you 

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On 3/29/2018 at 2:39 PM, ALTUNSOY. said:

Nice and we can see 8×4 chassis :)

yes, l think in next month will be 1.31 with New Scania R/S 8/4 chassis

11 hours ago, Lego181 said:

I think the cables are great and the new scania looks good.

new Scania is the best truck)


nice, thanks you scs)

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