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Error while starting TruckersMP

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since the new update I often got messages from users who are getting an error. "Unsupported game Version" - here a little guide for this Problem:

1. Open Steam, go to LIBRARY -> GAMES

2. Right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 and open Properties

3. After the Properties window has opened click LOCAL FILES tab and press BROWSE LOCAL FILSES

4. A folder with game files opens. Remember the path to this Folder


Doesn't work?

1. Click Start -> Run (or WIN+R)

2. Type regedit and hit enter

3. Follow the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\TruckersMP

4. Look at the value parameter "InstallLocationETS2"


If they differ:


1. Copy the folder address from STEP 1

2. Change the value parameter "InstallLocationETS2" (Insert the copied folder address)

3. Click OK.


After that, many users get another error: "Connection error - retry?" In this case, open Task Manager, close all Programmes of TruckersMP/ETS and try to start the Launcher as an administrator again.


Good Luck!

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