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Easter Egg Hunt 2018 (Results!)

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Dear players,

The Easter Egg Hunt 2018 (https://truckersmp.com/blog/85) event has now concluded, with all six of our eggs safely returned! A huge shoutout goes to all participants of the event (over 400 of you!), Horizon and Forerunner for the brilliant Twitch.tv coverage, and for our Game Moderators that supported the event: Aragon, LUIG, sko0923, WelshGaz, derpatrick9, Craigals, and Mike Dragon.

With a huge total of 129 prize entries, it has been a fantastic event and I am pleased to see you all have had lots of fun! It is now time to reveal the fastest participants that found the six eggs! In order of time:


1st Place: [00:47:08] Gun Powder - https://truckersmp.com/user/575627 £25 Steam Gift Card

2nd Place: [01:06:13] [LKW Tr.] Martin - https://truckersmp.com/user/437254 £14 Steam Gift Card

3rd Place: [01:19:56] [SL] Lucas BMW - https://truckersmp.com/user/550473 £10 Steam Gift Card

Congratulations to Gun Powder on winning the Easter Egg Hunt 2018, as well as our runner-ups [LKW] Tr.] Martin, and [SL] Lucas BMW!

I can also confirm the rest of the top 25 entries are:

4th [01:20:04] [SL] MrProGamerHD - https://truckersmp.com/user/1750052

5th [01:22:44] Krewlex - https://truckersmp.com/user/359165

6th [01:23:56] DutchThijs - https://truckersmp.com/user/783066

7th [01:25:41] [SL] Moritz702 - https://truckersmp.com/user/586106

8th [01:26:43] jorrit13nl - https://truckersmp.com/user/707543

9th [01:26:54] Daanedwin - https://truckersmp.com/user/929908

10th [01:29:16] [SL] Karo_DeathLine - https://truckersmp.com/user/448430

11th [01:29:20] NLTrucker - https://truckersmp.com/user/17515

12th [01:33:44] MassTRee - https://truckersmp.com/user/1754045

13th [01:38:10] [EvoQue] BUSH - https://truckersmp.com/user/39743

14th [01:40:11] DaKommtMuecke - https://truckersmp.com/user/300669

15th [01:41:24] [~S.H.~] Rawair - https://truckersmp.com/user/332275

16th [01:41:25] [TFM DJ] ccowie - https://truckersmp.com/user/1096354

17th [01:43:13] DaPo01 - https://truckersmp.com/user/731923

18th [01:46:06] IllIlIlIl - https://truckersmp.com/user/1717506

19th [01:46:21] Harley - https://truckersmp.com/user/83801

20th [01:48:25] .Toasted. - https://truckersmp.com/user/2980

21st [01:48:38] [TR] SuperMario - https://truckersmp.com/user/771768

22nd [01:48:56] Peter [SVK] - https://truckersmp.com/user/1227744

23rd [01:49:11] {VIVA} Callum Johnson - https://truckersmp.com/user/1652855

24th [01:50:28] Samito_BG - https://truckersmp.com/user/1740614

25th [01:51:33] Racyen - https://truckersmp.com/user/867203

Well done to all of you for the completing the Easter Egg Hunt so quickly! Feel free to post screenshots from the event in the comments, we would love to see them!

-TruckersMP Team

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Guest Allpha.

Congratulations everyone ;)

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Guest CrackPrewier

Congratulations everybody :)

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Guest Azyer

Yanno, i never thought that you could get £14 steam gift cards, or is that just me?

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